Thursday, March 23, 2006


By Appointment Only

Slivers of time is all I get,
Fit me in between here and there.
There's no space for spontaneity,
Can't explore the possibilities,
Let's just see what's down the next road:
Sorry, I believe our time is up.
Maybe I'll see you again sometime,
As long as it's not anytime.

The Idea!

Sometimes I still consider it.
How absolutely silly of me
To contemplate the impossible, the ridiculous, the tried-and-untrue,
The one-sided fantasy.
To persist in something
Never worth the time's effort
Never mind my heart!
As if a tearing of time
Could have rendered a reality;
It's only pathetic.
Pleading with the incompetent;
All too laughable
And yet, I speculate.

Ode to Migraines

Give it a few days, it will pass
It seems nowadays that the months go so fast.
Cannot move, can't sit still
Wonder if I should take another pill.
Bagpipes buzzing in my skull
Pain is throbbing, never dull
All that I love can act as a trigger!
Prying my eyes open takes extra rigor.
Bring me some ice, turn out the lights,
It's time once again for a losing fight.