Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Sit and Wait

When finally time has passed through waiting patiently for time to pass,
We are rewarded with an answer to the questions we have asked
And with the questions' answers follow more questions to make us wonder
Where satisfaction only leads to more frustrated longing
And the wide roads turn into a maze of side streets and tunnels.
When our eyes become focused while the sun begins to set
And finally we reach the height of our aspirations
But cannot look around because we are afraid to fall,
So we sit and wait for time to pass.


The rain is falling, becomes a downpour
Drops are striking me, stinging my eyes
But only my eyes, the rest of me is dry
I stumble as I walk into a puddle
And as of yet, my feet are not wet
The air is thick, my path blurred with fog
Streams slip under the cracks in the pavement.
Then I see myself, shining in a pool
I smile, the reflection does not move
Instead it is immersed forever, and
I am parched as I stand watching.

Waste of Three Bucks

My pretty yellow flower - why does it fall?
Maybe I put it too close to the wall -
Could it be my little lamp won't suffice:
Or because at the florist's it cost a small price?

After Hours

Forcibly removing myself from the eyes
Marking every step in the reverse
Pouring my heart out in distilled emptiness
Sniffing out new territory in my mind
Blue pockets of light, lay down in peace
Why be concerned at this hour?

Sometimes It Rhymes

And it must all end soon,
Always despairing - where is triumph?
Fittingly sitting there, staring ahead.
Barely noticing the minutes pass by-
A portion of hope is eaten by lies,
Acid devouring the slightest new smile.
Sighing now, past all the tears
Envisioning pain for over ten years
Maybe it will all end soon - or now.


Pressure keeps mounting on me
Like a heavy weight I cannot lift.
It is not a huge boulder that I carry
But hundreds of little bricks.One by one they get heavier
The only way to free myself is to toss them
Off me one by one and I will feel better
But I hesitate, because if I throw the wrong one
They may all tumble down painfully.
So I lay here thinking about which one to rid myself of -
And they keep growing heavier.


I only wish I'd fall asleep
And let the earth spin by itself
Instead of dreaming with open eyes
And crying out in silence.
Images floating all around
Slapping my face in maddening frenzy
There is no light in sight.
But before long - inevitably, untimely,
Except to most everyone.

You have come to me in tears,
But you weren't there when I was crying.
And you have lied for all these years,
I think my hope for you is dying.
I've opened up my doors for you,
But only found a wall inside.
Weakness does not flatter you
And now you've got no place to hide.

I'm sick of all the games you've played
The pain you've caused, the emptiness.
It should happen to you instead
You don't deserve any happiness.
So walk the path that you have chosen
Hope you don't fall flat on your face.
One day from your dream world you'll have awoken
You're going nowhere in any case.


Marie said...

Wow...poetry is good. Doesn't sound like Gata at all! I must say that last one has me wondering....

Stevie ~ mono no aware said...

I just now noticed this link. I did a fast run through but I must say its good to here your deeper voice. Keep at it. Funny I wondered the same thing as Marie.

Stevie ~ mono no aware said...

I loved 'afterhours'and

Great line -A portion of hope is eaten by lies,
Acid devouring the slightest new smile

Anonymous said...

was your last poem about who i think it was? quite succinct ansd right on the money.

weareallghosts said...

Beautiful Gata... truly beautiful...